Current progress

As of right now, here's what's been accomplished so far:

The plan is to have seven each of the Vocations, Drives, and Distinctions (which comes out to a whopping 363 core character builds, not counting sub-options that those choices give you). All seven Vocations have solidified, but I'm currently at six Drives and five Distinctions. The hitch so far has been keeping all the options unique, so that all combinations are both narratively and mechanically viable - one idea for a Distinction had to be cut because it overlapped too much with a Drive, for instance.

In broad terms, each of the three pieces grants characters an advantage: Vocations will give you access to skills, Drives will assist your characters in dealing with the horrors they'll face in the game, and Distinctions grant special but limited powers. There will be a sample of specific advantage options under each choice, along with the option to create a custom advantage.

The Crux mechanic is functionally complete, but has not been playtested yet. Still trying to round up a group to try the game in its current nebulous state.

Setting will be implied heavily through flavor text, as with most of my games; the universe contains limitless horrors.

GM advice is going to make up a more substantial part of the text than I typically give it, because creating a good horror gaming experience is harder than just letting players kick in doors and kill dragons. There will probably even be a corresponding player advice section, because I don't think enough players have actually been provided guidance on working with the GM to maintain the mood of the game.

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