Parenthesis Press

something to do with Tarot
A system-neutral monster generation table for #infinitecityjam
Tarot-Driven Far Future Cosmic Horror TTRPG
Sing the runes in the face of Fimbulwinter.
A tabletop RPG of angels in the gnostic apocalypse.
An early version of the political science fantasy RPG currently in development
Role Playing
The second edition of a game of intrepid adventurers and scheming wizards
Role Playing
My entry for the April Alchemy game jam!
Role Playing
Renown or infamy? A game of drinking, reputation-wagering, and tale-telling
Role Playing
Archetypes of the Tarot choose Bearers to fight nightmares from Beyond the looking-glass.
In DELVE, the dungeon isn't a place, it's a plot.
A surreal minimalist setting for Fate Accelerated Edition.
Role Playing
Planescape meets The Black Hack
A 3-player game of Cold War paranoia behind enemy lines.
Role Playing
A 3-player game of first contact and treacherous agendas.
Role Playing
A 3-player game of treacherous blades and sorcerous enemies
Role Playing
It's a pretty clear title, honestly.