Parenthesis Press

A compendium of projects I had in the works.
The past versus the future on a desert planet
Fey and dreamers mingle at a ball on the first night of autumn.
Travel the endless planes in search of arcane secrets.
More arcane powers for Metal Queens ov Skull Mountain
Vampires and humans can both be thirsty.
something to do with Tarot
A system-neutral monster generation table for #infinitecityjam
Tarot-Driven Far Future Cosmic Horror TTRPG
A tabletop RPG of angels in the gnostic apocalypse.
An early version of the political science fantasy RPG no longer in development
Role Playing
The second edition of a game of intrepid adventurers and scheming wizards
Role Playing
My entry for the April Alchemy game jam!
Role Playing
Renown or infamy? A game of drinking, reputation-wagering, and tale-telling
Role Playing
Archetypes of the Tarot choose Bearers to fight nightmares from Beyond the looking-glass.
In DELVE, the dungeon isn't a place, it's a plot.
A surreal minimalist setting for Fate Accelerated Edition.
Role Playing
A 3-player game of Cold War paranoia behind enemy lines.
Role Playing
A 3-player game of first contact and treacherous agendas.
Role Playing
A 3-player game of treacherous blades and sorcerous enemies
Role Playing
It's a pretty clear title, honestly.